Monday night TV: when amazing happens

Television the night after the Oscars can often be a little bit anticlimactic.  Apparently the following and diversified artists didn’t get the memo.

“Hey Kevin Durant.  I am not going to give up that MVP so easily.” – LeBron James (hypothetically), after scoring 61 points against the Charlotte Hornets to-be

Gonzo stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to promote Muppets Most Wanted and discuss best practices for chicken relationships.

One night after the “Adele Dazeem” incident, Idina Menzel spent some time with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots playing kid instruments.  Yes, she knows what it means to “let it go.”

And finally, The Daily Show has a new correspondent.  Welcome to the NBC sitcom star and late night talk show of your own farm system, Jordan Klepper.

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