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11124561_10100396888574041_3726164791693967505_nDavid Bloom is a writer and editor for CULTURE CHALLENGED. Born and raised to pride himself in Celtics green and a new transplant to the enemy territory of sunny Los Angeles, his diehard NBA fandom stretches the David Stern years through box score memorization and Fleer basketball card box set organization to present day SportVU inspired statistical analysis and appreciation of watching Steph Curry’s crazy shooting in person. His pop culture understanding and acumen began to establish its legitimacy with an Entertainment Weekly subscription in 1996 (nineteen years of membership!).  Further influenced by several years of working at an art house cinema and through a lucky turn as an early adapter of prestige golden age television, his pop culture loyalties are steadfast and his pop culture interests are diverse.  A longstanding viewer and recent commentator on MTV’s The Challenge, David’s work has appeared on AfterBuzzTV.com, Derrick Kosinski’s Ultimate Challenge Radio, and Bishop and Company. David Bloom can be reached on twitter @davidbloom7.

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Musings, News, and Commentary on Popular Culture and Sports

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