‘Gotham’ casts Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

The upcoming Gotham series continues to add actor batarangs to its casting utility belt. David Mazouz will be playing thirteen year old Bruce Wayne, post parents murder and pre masked vigilante phase. You may remember young Mazouz from the recent Fox drama Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland, but based on the relative success of Touch, you probably don’t. Selina Kyle will be newcomer Camren Bicondova, whose character description matches what would have happened to Little Orphan Annie if she had never met Daddy Warbucks. All of this remains incredibly exciting. If you had told any version of my younger self that in 2014 there would be a new Muppet movie release, a new U2 album (not yet announced, but it should be here by the end of summer), a movie directed by Christopher Nolan (bring it, Interstellar), and a new Batman live action series, I would have asked if I had died and gone to heaven. For now, I am content with a trip to Gotham.


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