Must Read: An Alec Baldwin confessional

I first discovered and read this New York Magazine/ article in the wee hours of this morning.  I was having trouble sleeping, so I decided to preview my Monday morning website reading rotation to pass the time.  When I woke up again for real this time, my experience with this provocative part confessional, part diatribe, and part declaration felt like it had been a part of an imagined dream.  Had Alec Baldwin actually retired from being a celebrity (at least in everything that comes with the artistic work)? Was this New Yorker’s New Yorker actually moving to LA out of a forced compulsion?  Were his less than favorable depictions of both respected figures (Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow) and current Hollywood trainwrecks (Shia LaBouef!) based on actual truths?  Culpability for the maelstrom between Alec Baldwin and the many players and layers of media coverage that have dishonored him over these past several years may be up for debate.  What is abundantly clear is that Alec Baldwin has felt wronged and is just not going to take it anymore.  This is a must read.

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