At least I am not a Knicks fan (or when an NBA team reaches the Tyson Zone)

Disaster has struck Manhattan and it has nothing to do with an overwrought Avengers-like movie plot device.  The New York Knicks, due in part to unrealized expectations of a signature NBA franchise in the signature American city, are in a most dangerous place.  The following headlines currently adorn main news section:

“Reports: Wife alleges Felton threatened her”

“J.R. Smith: Headband tug only an illusion”

“Dirk drops Knicks on buzzer-beater”

The horrifying thing is that this is just one day in the house that James Dolan built and things could get a whole lot worse.  On a roster that features Metta “malice in palaces” World Peace (for now), Kenyon “dark alley all-time great” Martin (providing the NBA aggressive unrest for over a decade), and J.R. “I love childish behavior!” Smith, and the ensuing departure of Carmelo “there is no way I am sticking around for this” Anthony, anything is possible.  I am genuinely scared.  Stay tuned.

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