Piers Morgan Live is no more

First it was Simon Cowell.  Now it is Piers Morgan’s turn to be a Brit facing United States audience rejection.  The former journalist turned America’s Got Talent adjudicator turned Larry King primetime replacement and the face of the mainstream media anti-gun cultural movement (and an admirable soldier he has been) will no longer be sharing his opinions on a nightly basis.  CNN and Piers Morgan have decided to end Piers Morgan Live (the final show date is to be determined).  For a platform and show that started with a fair amount of promise and intrigue three years ago (his first interview with Oprah set an initial ceiling that he has struggled to consistently maintain), Piers is no longer a viable ratings choice for CNN (Megyn Kelly’s Fox News conservative variety show has proved to be a tough act to go against).  Some will miss his pithy banter.  Some will not.  I will miss his consummate and fervent advocacy for better gun control laws.  There has been no louder (albeit not always effective with the people who must be reached) voice.  On the plus side, Taran Killam’s (oops, a total miss) Piers Morgan impression will thankfully be retired.

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