Andy Greenwald is a word magician of the television arts

Last week, Grantland’s masterful television commentator, Andy Greenwald, delivered one of those brilliant pieces of prose that have amazingly become par for his contributor page course. Whether or not you agree with Mr. Greenwald that The Americans is the “best show on television” is not the point (I can find reasonable justification for this argument), but rather how Greenwald’s written ideas and the eloquent delivery thereof make watching television exponentially better. It is no coincidence that my ascendant television watching identity and desire to occasionally write about it have been aligned with my time as an avid Greenwald reader. His influence is felt in the same way that a Roger Ebert review always made the movie experience better or how a Bill Simmons column (and the Grantland Chief who thought that Andy Greenwald would be a perfect choice to write about television for the almost three-year-old sports and entertainment commentary Mecca) makes my lifelong NBA fan experience that much more amazing and fantastic.

Today Greenwald unleashed his latest treatise on the state of modern comedy through the lens of Jimmy Fallon’s twelve show old The Tonight Show tenure and the Jerry Seinfeld web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.. As a loyal viewer of this new Tonight Show iteration and great admirer of Jimmy Fallon, Andy Greenwald gives an incredible voice to the giant bear hug that I thought I had been receiving from Fallon’s inclusive and infectious brand of laughter generation. Yes, I have enjoyed Jimmy Fallon and I had a reasonable understanding why, but through Greenwald’s written filter, it all becomes so much clearer and, subsequently, that much more rewarding.

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