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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has something to say

Last night marked the second outing of the new HBO comedy/social commentary/fake news program satire of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Certainly and obviously a branch off of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tree (even more so than the more straight satire of the character starring in The Colbert Report), its half-hour format without commercials has admittedly on occasion had me checking the clock, but it also affords him segments like the clip imbedded below – the almost thirteen minute unleash of a full-formed opinion on the horrors of the death penalty. As Bill Maher’s final “new rule” on each episode of Real Time has shown us, this type of elongated editorial can have an elongated impact. John Oliver has always been undeniably witty and hilarious, but if this type of truth-telling can become a staple of his new platform, there will be weeks of tonights ahead of him on HBO.

The British are coming! The British are coming!

HBO announced that the new satirical news comedy series featuring the best fill-in host in the history of television will be called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and will be debuting on Sunday, April 27 at 11:00 PM.  If you have not spent time with this long-time Daily Show Correspondent, you have been missing out and should tune in.  If you have been one of his ardent fans and followers, April 27 cannot come soon enough.

Hey HBO!  Way to kill it in 2014.