The Challenge Free Agents: Weekly Power Rankings – Week 2

Simply put (in a dramatic move away from normal verbosity), here are this week’s power rankings. For more analysis on last week’s episode, you can read here.

A couple of quick notes:

– Johnny Bananas moves up to no. 1 in the men rankings for the first time this season. All is right with the world again.

– I would have to investigate further, but I am not sure that Preston (no. 8) or Jasmine (no. 6) have ever ranked higher in my three season’s of doing power rankings.

– This week’s rankings are on a 1-12 scale, although I considered making the women on a 1-30 scale to create some separation between Laurel and the rest of the women (there should be a chasm).

– Camila and Nany both took a little dip because of their nighttime extra-curricular activity blowout fight. This was inevitable.

– I am struggling to figure out what to do with the men ranked 4-7. They are really strong and the exact order could really go in any direction. I tried to reward Cohutta and Leroy for their dominant performances in the challenge, but is hard to discount Frank’s elimination win and Zach’s already underrated interview performance in the first two episodes.

Week 2 Power Rankings


Eliminated – CHET (week 1), DUSTIN (week 2)

12) JOHNNY (last week: 12)

11) SWIFT (last week: 10)

10) BRANDON (last week: 13)

9) ISAAC (last week: 11)

8) PRESTON (last week: 9)

7) ZACH (last week: 6)

6) LEROY (last week: 8)

5) FRANK (last week: 3)

4) COHUTTA (last week: 5)

3) JORDAN (last week: 4)

2) CT (last week: 1)

1) JOHNNY BANANAS (last week: 2)


Eliminated – JEMMYE (week 1), EMILEE (week 2)

12) JONNA (last week: 12)

11) NIA (last week: 9)

10) DEVYN (last week: 11)

9) LaTOYA (last week: 10)

8) THERESA (last week: 7)

7) NANY (last week: 6)

6) JASMINE (last week: 8)

5) CAMILA (last week: 2)

4) JESSICA (last week: 5)

3) CARA MARIA (last week: 3)

2) ANEESA (last week: 4)

1) LAUREL (last week: 1)

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