Billy, Lena, and Elena: A modern comedy trio

Whether you are into the ethnic, third-world jewelry business or not or have any clue who Lila Downs is, if you enjoy things like laughter and comedy, then your mind is about to be blown. In last night’s second episode of season three of Billy on the Street, Billy invited a favorite participant from last season to square off against Lena Dunham on a new game called “Cash Cow.”

Let’s go to the transcript…

BILLY: And here, playing opposite Lena is the one and only, the only contestant from Billy on the Street to haunt my dreams and nightmares. Please welcome back from season 2…you know her…you love her?…Elena!!! How are you, Elena?

ELENA: Good, thanks. It’s so good to see you.

BILLY: What has been happening since you were on Billy on the Street the first time? Give us a little update.

ELENA: Well, I’m not as famous as she [Lena Dunham] is.


ELENA: However…I’m so famous.

Sho ’nuff. And Elena was just getting started. You can’t write this kind of comedy, and Billy Eichner doesn’t begin to try to. He knows that when you combine irreverent, pop-cultured, and referential humor, a random person on a New York street, Lena Dunham, and a cow, you are already on the right track to laughter. Elena – you are a star and Billy didn’t say “Whertle.” This is incredible.

Trust me, watch the full clip:

Then, review the “whertle” confusion incident:

Billy on the Street. He’s making comedy dreams come true.


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