Meyers. Armisen. “Late Night.” Yes, please.

As announced yesterday, the band leader for Late Night with Seth Meyers will be…Fred Armisen! The Lorne Michaels Empire for the win!

Beyond the obvious irreverent musical possibilities (a Garth and Kat reunion from time to time will be most appreciated), Armisen is a legit musician whose fearless creativity and history with Meyers will be a natural fit for late night audiences. As a bonus, Meyers, on the straight and narrower end of comedic performers, will surely utilize Armisen’s acting chops in occasional bits as a rich man’s Andy Richter.

With a Parks and Recreation early renewal, everything currently going on with Jimmy Fallon’s last week of Late Night and first week of guests slated for The Tonight Show, and now this sound decision to add Armisen to Late Night with Seth Meyers, something positive is afoot.  NBC, I hardly recognize you.

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