We will miss you, Keyon


Yesterday, the great locker room interview/Rajon Rondo booster, Keyon Dooling, was waived by the Celtics and then retired from the NBA.  The journeyman took eleven years to endear himself to me, but in his twelfth and only season with the Boston Celtics, Keyon was everything you want from a guy at the end of your bench – great influence on all, positive attitude, occasional three pointer, occasional unintentionally comedic blunder, oft-injured so does not require lots of PT.  The Celtics are all good going forward, especially with well-regarded locker room presence Jason Terry on board, but I admit that I will feel the loss of Keyon.  Maybe Doc can find an assistant coach job for him?

Thanks for everything, no. 51.  Let the Darko era begin.

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